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Chad + Courtney's Wedding Day!

Yesterday has me at a loss for words.

Courtney and Chad are the most humble beautiful, serving couple I have ever meet. Being able to witness and document the beginning of this beautiful adventure was absolutely breathtaking!

Yesterday Courtney and Chad shared a private moment and began their marriage with a foot washing ceremony. In Jesus’ time washing the feet of someone was considered the lowest duty, usually done by the housekeepers to the guests at parties, and yet right before he Jesus died he humbled himself to wash the feet of his disciples. He then instructed the disciples to wash each others feet. In relationships, it isn't always the easiest to humble yourselves towards one another…but isn’t this what marriage is all about. This foot washing ceremony was so beautiful. The ceremony left me with a hope and prayer that I wouldn’t view servanthood as a weakness but simply demonstrates the love, honor, respect and humility you have for your spouse! Courtney and Chad are starting this marriage in the most beautiful way that I know God will absolutely honor.

The photos speak for themselves when it comes to showing the love that these two have for each other!

Thanks you Courtney and Chad for letting us be a part of such a beautiful day!

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