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Mr. and Mrs. Suggs

I am SO excited to share a sneak peak from the most beautiful wedding EVER! Brianna Azar Suggs and Jamie Suggs were totally slaying this whole Bride and Groom thing! Every little last detail was absolutely perfect! I know the two of them (and lets be real the whole family...haha) had planned and put so much thought into everything! Everything was simply stunning, from the dress and decor all the way to the 6 foot wedding cake! YES you are reading that correct 6 feet!! I WILL be posting more from this wedding because I am obsessed- Bri and I have the same taste, so to say I was excited about this wedding is an understatement! I had to pick a few of my favorites to share with you guys! Congratulations Brianna Azar Suggs and Jamie SuggsI know that God is going to bless the two of you and your marriage and I know that you two will do great things! I'm beyond thrilled that we got to be a part of your special day! We love y'all!

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